It’s that time of year to look at payroll options…

If you are unhappy with your current payroll system, or if you want to automate the process of recording payroll; it’s the perfect time to evaluate payroll options.
I would like to tell you about Intuit Assisted Payroll. . This is the payroll service that I recommend for the following reasons

Payroll checks post directly to your QuickBooks file.

Intuit handles all tax payments and filing of forms.

Intuit is the largest provider of small business payroll services.

Pricing is competitive and most clients save money by switching to Intuit.

I can also offer a  20% discount on the monthly fee, for first year.
Call or email now to sign up! Ilene Eisen 831.373.8200 ilene.eisen@ie-solutions,biz

Don’t spend another year typing  payroll transaction in your QuickBooks Company file!!!

Starting a new payroll service in January, is both the best time to make a change and the busiest time to make the change.

Intuit is scheduling the conversion process appointments beginning November 1st o Be one of the first to receive training in 2016 and be ready to process your 2017 payroll timely!

IE Solutions -Premier 100K Club Reseller with Intuit!

IE Solutions a Premier Reseller for Intuit, has achieved status as a member of the $100K Club for the Fiscal year ended July 2016.

Thank you for all you support placing orders through IE Solutions.  As a Premier $100K Club member, I can continue to offer excellent pricing on QuickBooks software, services, and supplies.

ie Solutions Receives Var Stars Award

Bob Scott’s VAR Stars 2015 Announced

IE Solutions, has been selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2015, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of midmarket financial software

Members of the VAR Stars were selected based on factors such growth, industry leadership and recognition, and innovation. Selection is not based on revenue and those firms chosen represent a wide range of size and many different software publishers of accounting software.

“Each year, 100 VAR Stars are picked from the best organizations that market financial software. It is always an honor to recognize those who contribute to the development of our business,” Bob Scott said.

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Payroll Options to You Should Consider

At this time of year, it’s important to evaluate your processes and determine if there is room for improvement. One area that I see a lot of room for improvement in many clients is payroll systems. Most companies would rather change payroll systems at the beginning of the year. Although this is an excellent strategy, there is quite a rush in January for many companies to sign up for payroll services and this creates a bottleneck in the conversion specialist. If you are planning on change payroll I suggest you make the decision in the 4th quarter and contact the payroll provider and set up the new system in early December to “go live” Jan 1. Using this methodology, you should have a calmer conversion and a smooth conversion.
There are many payroll choices to make and sometimes it hard to navigate the options and make the right decision for your company. So let’s keep this simple with 3 options, In-house Processing, Payroll Service Bureau, Hybrid model.

In-house processing means that you prepare the payroll manually or with payroll software, deposit tax payments, and prepare and file payroll returns and take full responsibility for any errors or issues. I do not recommend this option to my clients since I have seen too many costly errors. Also payroll processing requires that you understand and comply with payroll requirements and this can be a daunting task if it is not your number one priority and you have other duties and responsibilities in the organization. I often hear that since there are few employees it’s easy, however the requirements do not change if you have 3 or 30 employees, they are based on earnings not head count. One payroll error could cost thousands in lost time, accounting fees, fines and interest. At the end of the day you would have been better off outsourcing the payroll.

Payroll Service Bureau method uses an outside processor to prepare your paychecks, reports, returns, and submit payment of taxes. This is usually the most expensive option because you are outsourcing the duties and responsibilities of payroll.

Hybrid Method is processing can have many options but the configuration I see most often is that companies use in-house processing to prepare the payroll and have an outside Accountant or Bookkeeper prepare the payroll tax returns. Using this method you get the expertise of an accounting professional and depending on the arrangements they may or may not assume responsibility for errors.Many companies who use this method have found over the years that their Accountant or Bookkeeper leaves or stops proving this service. If you are using this hybrid method, I would suggest you contact the person or firm to verify that they will continue to provide this service in the long term.

Is QuickBooks EMV Compatible?

Many clients have contacted me regarding Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) chip credit cards requesting more information on the technology, process, and requirements.

Cards with EMV Chips

Many of you have already received one or more EMV chip cards which have a small computer chip in the card that stores information digitally rather than relying upon the magnetic strip that we are used in the  in the past.  This change is to enhance security and reduce credit card fraud, more information on implementing these changes can be found at &

Processing Transactions with EMV Chip Cards

EMV chip cards can be processed using three different methods.  However only the 1st option will increase security and reduce credit card fraud.

Equipment that uses an EMV Chip Reader AND EMV Compatible Software

Swipe the Magnet Strip in a card reader

Manually enter the Credit/Debit Card number

For more information on the EMV process see &

EMV Compliant Software

Is QuickBooks EMV Compliant? The answer is, it depends on the version of QuickBooks the following QuickBooks Software versions are EMV compatible.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 12 is EMV Compatible

2016 Quick Books Pro/Premier/Accountant is EMV compatible

16.0 QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is EMV compatible

Keep in mind that having an EMV compatible version does not make the reseller’s sales transactions compliant.  You also need to process the EMV card with equipment that reads the EMV chip.

Is EMV Compliance Required by a Given Date?

Starting October 1st, 2015, liability for fraudulent credit/debit card transactions will shift from the card issuer to the merchant if the transaction uses an EMV chip card and is not processed on EMV compliant software & card reader.  HOWEVER,

Intuit is extending the EMV liability shift by six months for its QuickBooks Payments customers to allow everyone more time to transition. If you are a QuickBooks Payments customer and unknowingly accept a counterfeit EMV card using your magnetic stripe reader, Intuit will assume your liability for the fraud until March 31, 2016. For further details around Intuit’s extended liability shift, please refer to the liability chart here.Intuit has extended this date to March 31, 2016 for customers using their credit/debit card processing solutions.


I hope this helps explain the EMV concepts and implementation.  Please contact me if you have any addition questions regarding QuickBooks and the processing of EMV transactions at

QuickBooks 2016 at QuickBooks 2015 Prices

I’m currently taking orders for QuickBooks 2016 desktop versions.  The new version will be released next month, however if you purchase the 2015 version now you will get a  free 2016 version of the same product since your purchase is within 60 days of the product release.

Buying now works really well going into the busy season if you could use an additional copy of the 2015 software.  Also you will be purchasing at 2015 prices rather than 2016 in the event of possible price increase.

Please note that Intuit is also selling the Desktop versions and the  “Plus” versions.  The feature differences in the two products are as follows:

 QuickBooks Accountant Desktop – Advantages

Not a subscription will work this year and in following years

QuickBooks Accountant Plus – Advantages & Disadvantages

Client Collaborator – In product messaging that can be used rather than email.

Access to Accountant Toolbox from Pro or Premier Versions – This is helpful ONLY if you are working on the client’s books offsite and they have QuickBooks Pro or Premier

Subscription Product – software will cease to work if the subscription is cancelled

 Please let me know if you are interested in placing an order for the Desktop Version.


Should I Start a New QuickBooks Company File?

Quite often prospective clients call and say that there are so many errors in their QuickBooks Data file that they are thinking about starting the New Year with a new company file.  I discourage creating a new company file for the following reasons:

Using the Accountant Toolbox, company files can be quickly cleaned up or the general ledger balances can be corrected as of a given date.

If you create a new file you will need to maintain two files to access historical data and you may lose all your settings, memorized reports, templates, bank feed rules, etc.

Re-creating a company file with all the lists (Chart of Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Items, Terms, Unit of Measure, etc.) and open items (Estimates, Sales Orders, Open Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bills, etc.) can be daunting and prone to errors.

Please think twice before starting a new company file for an existing business that is currently using QuickBooks!

Making Changes to QuickBooks Lists

When I work with client, I often suggest making changes to various lists such as items, sites, customers, and vendors.  Most of the suggested changes have to do with inventory.  I’m often changing posting accounts, and custom fields.  If the client edits these items individually, it could be quite a cumbersome time-consuming task.  A quicker way to make changes is to use the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature on the List Menu.  This feature allows the user to edit items in a grid structure, filter for items with specific criteria, and “Copy Down” changes that effect all selected items.  You can also select which columns are visible and what order they will appear using the Customize Columns button.

The add/Edit multiple List entries has saved my clients and myself many hours of data entry and made it possible to make changes on large scale in a matter of seconds or  minutes.  I also use this feature to import items from Excel using the Copy and Paste feature.