Making Changes to QuickBooks Lists

When I work with client, I often suggest making changes to various lists such as items, sites, customers, and vendors.  Most of the suggested changes have to do with inventory.  I’m often changing posting accounts, and custom fields.  If the client edits these items individually, it could be quite a cumbersome time-consuming task.  A quicker way to make changes is to use the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature on the List Menu.  This feature allows the user to edit items in a grid structure, filter for items with specific criteria, and “Copy Down” changes that effect all selected items.  You can also select which columns are visible and what order they will appear using the Customize Columns button.

The add/Edit multiple List entries has saved my clients and myself many hours of data entry and made it possible to make changes on large scale in a matter of seconds or  minutes.  I also use this feature to import items from Excel using the Copy and Paste feature.