It’s that time of year to look at payroll options…

If you are unhappy with your current payroll system, or if you want to automate the process of recording payroll; it’s the perfect time to evaluate payroll options.
I would like to tell you about Intuit Assisted Payroll. . This is the payroll service that I recommend for the following reasons

Payroll checks post directly to your QuickBooks file.

Intuit handles all tax payments and filing of forms.

Intuit is the largest provider of small business payroll services.

Pricing is competitive and most clients save money by switching to Intuit.

I can also offer a  20% discount on the monthly fee, for first year.
Call or email now to sign up! Ilene Eisen 831.373.8200 ilene.eisen@ie-solutions,biz

Don’t spend another year typing  payroll transaction in your QuickBooks Company file!!!

Starting a new payroll service in January, is both the best time to make a change and the busiest time to make the change.

Intuit is scheduling the conversion process appointments beginning November 1st o Be one of the first to receive training in 2016 and be ready to process your 2017 payroll timely!

Should I Process My Own Payroll or Use a Payroll Service?

The best time to change payroll processing is at the beginning of the year.  Therefore it’s time to look at your payroll processing and determine if it meets your needs.

The first question is, to determine if you want to be responsible for preparing your payroll returns and paying tax payments…

  • I would suggest that only organizations with a full time Payroll or Hunan Resource specialist take on this responsibility since the fines and penalties can be substantial, if errors are made or deadlines missed.

The second question is, if you outsource your payroll, how do you choose a payroll processor or service?

  • If you are a small business and do not use accounting software, check with your Tax Preparer to see who they recommend or if they provide this service.
  • If your accounting software processes payroll ask if the accounting software company also offers full service payroll that will integrate with your software and post the payroll to your records saving you time and increasing efficiently, while handling the regulatory duties of filing payroll returns and making tax deposits.
    • Many large software vendors now provide full service options such as Intuit and Sage.
  • If you need job costing and/or you are billing customers for time it’s important to get a processor who will integrate with your accounting software.  Keep in mind that the best integration will be provided by the publisher of your accounting software as mentioned above.
  • If you need advanced Human Resources features you will probably be happier with a national payroll processor that has these options.

When making payroll decisions it’s always a good idea to check with your CPA and software consultant for additional information and insight on the issue.



QuickBooks Payroll Strategy to Reduce Your Workload and Increase Accuracy

Can I help you with your work load?

As a CPA, I know that certain months such as October, January, April, and July have a significantly increased workload with tax deadlines.  I have a solution that will reduce your workload and help you focus on more profitable tasks in your firm.

Having clients use QuickBooks Assisted Payroll in conjunction with their QuickBooks software, will allow the client to process payroll in-house and print payroll checks and/or check stubs (direct deposit), and Intuit will perform all tax filings and pay tax deposits directly from the clients account.  The client’s advantages to using Assisted Payroll are cost, ease of use, and no need to post the payroll after the fact (payroll is recorded automatically). 

How will this save you time in your busy months?

  • You don’t need to prepare payroll tax returns
  • Payroll transactions entered by entering employee’s specifics & time worked
  • Payroll tax deposits & payments are paid timely from your client’s bank account.
  • Intuit will take responsibility for errors or omissions on payroll tax returns
  • The cost is less than most outside service bureaus
  • The process is easy and clients are happy with the ability to print checks and technical support.

I believe that this service is very helpful to both you and your clients and, since it’s built into QuickBooks, it’s easier to use and more efficient.  Not using Assisted Payroll for a QuickBooks client is like buying a salad, throwing out the tomatoes and going to the store and purchasing the same quality tomatoes for the salad.

*If you are interested please contact me so that we can set up your clients to process through Assisted Payroll.