QuickBooks 2019 Sale

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2019 will be released next month, however if you purchase the 2018 version now, you will get a free 2019 version(s) when it is released in September.

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Why should you buy now instead of waiting?

  •  You will get two versions for the price of one!
  • You will be purchasing software at 2018 prices rather than 2019 prices.
  • You will be purchasing the non-subscription version at a discount.

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QuickBooks Desktop 2018 just released!

The new version of QuickBooks Desktop has been released and there are some great new features in each version.

This year’s focus is in two areas: efficiency and improving inventory functionality.

All desktop versions now have the efficiencies enhancements to help you get more done, quickly! These features include: Multi Monitor support, improved Chart of Accounts search, Past Due Stamps on Invoices, Secure Webmail, Payroll Liability Reminders on Home Screen and a toggle between Cash & Accrual Reports

Inventory Enhancements are featured in the Premier and Enterprise Products

QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise include Enhanced Inventory reports to let you customize the report and get to the information you need quickly.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise takes inventory enchantments much farther with Enhanced Sales Order Fulfillment and the Portable Bar Code Scanner – Use your Android Device

QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Versions also can merge up to four vendors easily!

For more detailed information on these new features please join me for webinar on the 2018 QuickBooks Desktop Features.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Changes Coming Soon…

Intuit has been selling QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise as subscription software for the last three years.   Many current users have converted to the subscription model to take advantage of the lower price, monthly payments, and Enhanced Payroll.  Starting September 18, Intuit will start converting  non-subscription users to “QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription” designed to replicate the features of the software version.

These users can also choose to convert to one of the current subscription versions (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) which will save them money and include Enhanced Payroll if desired.

If you use QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, I would be happy to discuss the subscription versions available, to insure you purchase the most cost effective plan for your needs.  I can also offer  a discount that will be applied annually as long as they continue to renew QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.


QuickBooks Pro & Premier Opportunity!

2018 QuickBooks Desktop Pro & Premier versions will be released next month, however if you purchase the 2017 version now, you will get a free 2018 version of the same product since your purchase is within 60 days of the product release.

Why should you buy now instead of waiting? You will be purchasing software at 2017 prices rather than 2018 prices. Please note that this offer is for the software version that is not a subscription and  will work this year and in all future years!

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Updating QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise – New Version

If you are using an older version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (possibly no longer supported by Intuit) and you pay an annual fee for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you can update to the current version at no additional software cost.

When you pay the annual maintenance or subscription fee, you are provided a license to any newer version released during the year.  This means that if you pay an annual fee in November and the new version is released in the next September, you can download and install the new version.  Intuit does not send out CDs and often the email announcement of the new version is overlooked.   I find that many companies are not aware that they can easily upgrade.

Before upgrading any software, verify that your system meets the software installation requirements System Requirements  and that any other software you are using will not be affected by the upgrade.

When you are ready to upgrade to the latest version, follow these steps to download the software and locate your License Number & Product Number needed to complete the software installation.

Go to www.quickbooks.com/account and Login:
User ID = Usually your email address
Password = Enter your password or select “Forgot Your Password?” 

After you successfully login

In the Products & Services section select details of the desired version
Your License Number and Product Number will be displayed.  Make a note of these numbers, you will need them to install the software.

To download the software

Select the “Download Link, to install the “Set-up” program,
Select the Setup icon to perform the software download and install the software.

If you need any assistance, I am happy to help with the install and the data conversion.

Ilene Eisen Passed the QuickBooks Online Certification Exam

The QuickBooks Online exam tested information on:
QuickBooks Online – Small Business and
Quickbooks Online Accountant

This exam is used by Intuit to identify Intuit Pro-Advisors who have specific knowledge of Quickbooks Accountant Online and a solid understanding of accounting principles.

For more information on QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant please contact me or attend my new webinars on these products.

QBOA – QuickBooks Online Accountant
2017 Dates: 07/17, 09/13, 10/04, 11/08
QuickBooks Online Accountant, is designed for Accountants to identify and correct errors in client’s QuickBooks Online company files. This software app enables access to clients’ files to record or correct transactions, and run reports. You can also schedule work, and securely request/receive information and documents from clients. Using Account Tools and features included in QuickBooks Online Accountant will save you time and increase efficiency when working with QuickBooks Online clients . CPE: 2 Hours Specialized Knowledge Register Now

QBOL –  QuickBooks Online A Cloud Accounting Solution to Meet Your Needs
2017 Dates: 3/15, 4/5, 5/31,8/30,11/29,12/20      2018 Dates: 2/28, 3/14, 4/4
QuickBooks Online is the fastest growing QuickBooks solution. QuickBooks Online is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that meets the needs of many small businesses. Additional features are available by subscribing to various apps that have been tested to work properly with QuickBooks Online. CPE: 2 Hours Specialized Knowledge Register Now

Keeping Your Records Accurate

Now that we have completed another tax filing deadline, there is one task that you should do to keep your company files up to date…. Many of you have sent your QuickBooks company file or other records to your CPA to use in preparation of your tax return.  During the tax preparation process CPA’s often make adjustments that can include corrections, additions of cash expenses, recording of depreciation, etc.

To keep your books current and accurate, it’s important to record the year-end adjustments made by your CPA.  If your CPA sent you journal entries they need to be recorded. If your CPA used an accountant’s copy you will need to import the changes to your company file.  If you do not have any adjustments from your CPA, you should check with them and get the necessary entries.

Clients who record the CPA adjustments have more accurate records, I also find that if you do not record these adjustments you miss the opportunity to learn how to record transactions properly.

If you need any assistance recording year-end adjustments in your records, you can contact your CPA or I will also be happy to assist you.

Do you have too many Inventory Adjustments in QuickBooks?

In recent months, I have noticed several new clients had a HUGE number of inventory adjustments.  Some even had a couple dozen a day.  Large numbers of inventory adjustments are a warning sign that this feature is not being used correctly or that there is an internal control issue.

Inventory adjustments are used to correct quantities on hand, value, and/or Lot/Serial numbers.  Usually inventory adjustments are made after a full physical inventory or cycle counts. If numerous errors are detected during the counting of inventory, it’s possible that transactions are not entered properly, or it may be a sign of internal control issues, or theft.

Inventory adjustments should not be used to create assemblies or transfer inventory from one site to another.

  1. If you create inventory assembly items you can build assemblies.  Using this feature in Pro, Premier, and Enterprise finished goods are added to inventory and the raw materials used to make the finished goods are subtracted from inventory.
  2. If you have multiple warehouses, using Advanced Inventory on QuickBooks Enterprise gives the user an option to transfer inventory without affecting the value or lot/serial number.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let me know.