QuickBooks 2016 at QuickBooks 2015 Prices

I’m currently taking orders for QuickBooks 2016 desktop versions.  The new version will be released next month, however if you purchase the 2015 version now you will get a  free 2016 version of the same product since your purchase is within 60 days of the product release.

Buying now works really well going into the busy season if you could use an additional copy of the 2015 software.  Also you will be purchasing at 2015 prices rather than 2016 in the event of possible price increase.

Please note that Intuit is also selling the Desktop versions and the  “Plus” versions.  The feature differences in the two products are as follows:

 QuickBooks Accountant Desktop – Advantages

Not a subscription will work this year and in following years

QuickBooks Accountant Plus – Advantages & Disadvantages

Client Collaborator – In product messaging that can be used rather than email.

Access to Accountant Toolbox from Pro or Premier Versions – This is helpful ONLY if you are working on the client’s books offsite and they have QuickBooks Pro or Premier

Subscription Product – software will cease to work if the subscription is cancelled

 Please let me know if you are interested in placing an order for the Desktop Version.