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QBXX –  QuickBooks Desktop Software: New Features and Trends to be Aware OfNew Webinar
2021 Dates: 05/06,  07/22,  08/12,  09/02,  09/09,  11/04,  11/11

QuickBooks Desktop Software versions (Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise) are released in the fall and there are always new features to help the users become more efficient and accurate.  Learn the recently released features to determine how you can save time and improve financial reporting.

In this session we also discuss trends such as subscription options and integrations that you should be aware of in order to determine if you are in the correct product and how QuickBooks can meet your needs in the future. CPE: 2 Hours

QBDR –QuickBooks: Desktop Accountant Tools – An Accountant’s Path to Working Smarter
2021 Dates: 06/03,  07/29,  09/02,  10/07New Webinar

QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Tools were created for Accountants to identify and correct errors in a client’s QuickBooks company file, however, they include great tools for any accountant internal or external!

Accountant Tools can save you hours in reconciliation and research time.  Accountant tools also work well when converting your software to QuickBooks or when creating a new company file. CPE: 2 Hours

QBBS – QuickBooks: Reconciling Balance Sheet Accounts Has Never Been EasierBest Seller ribbon
2021 Dates: 05/20, 06/24, 07/29, 10/14, 12/09,  & 2022 Dates: 02/10

Use QuickBooks to the full extent to create Balance Sheet Workpapers.  Reduce the need for Excel spreadsheets and save time at month-end and year End.

Save time reconciling accounts for financial statements and tax returns.  Save hours by making some simple changes in the way you record transactions.  Understand how QuickBooks records transactions to reduce data entry. CPE: 2 Hours

QBBK –  QuickBooks: Bank ing Tips & Tricks for Online & Desktop QuickBooks Users
2021 Dates 05/06, 08/12,  11/11Best Seller ribbon

Using bank connections and save hours in data entry and reconciling the bank and credit card accounts. With Banking connections, the transaction will include more detail and reconciliation can often be completed with two clicks!    CPE: 2 Hours

QBIC –  QuickBooks: Internal Control for Online and Desktop Tips & Tricks!Best Seller ribbon
2021 Dates:  05/20, 06/24, 10/14, 12/09, & 2022 Dates:  02/10, 02/17, 03/17, 04/07

QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop provides many features to help you manage Internal Controls and improve accuracy of reporting.  If you take time once a year to review the file settings. you will increase the accuracy of reporting and verify that the software is used properly to support your business.      CPE: 2 Hours

QBOA –  QuickBooks Online Accountant Tools and Features
2021 Dates: 06/03, 07/22, 09/09, 10/07, 11/04

QuickBooks Online Accountant is a tool designed for Accountants and Bookkeepers to efficient work in clients’ QuickBooks Online company files.  IT is designed to identify errors quickly.  There are also tools to correct client errors and record adjustments.

QuickBooks Online Accountant is also a tool to manage your practice with tools for project management, client requests, and integrates with Pro Tax Online for efficient tax preparation.  You will also receive a free QuickBooks Online company file to manage your own books and records.  !CPE: 2 Hours

QBOL –  QuickBooks Online : Streamline Accounting with Dynamic Software
2021 Dates: 06/17, 08/26, 12/16, & 2022 Dates: 02/17, 03/17, 07/07

QuickBooks Online is designed to meet the basic needs of an organization and supplemented with apps to customize the system.   This software application is constantly updated with new features!

QuickBooks online is a web-based accounting application that can be used on Windows or Mac computers, smart phones, and tablets that can access the internet.              CPE: 2 Hours

QBCR –  QuickBooks: Customizing Reports in Online and Desktop Versions
2021 Dates: 06/17, 08/26, 12/16

QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions include hundreds of standardized reports.   QuickBooks also includes features to customize reports to meet your needs.  Learn how to efficiently use these features tools to create reports that give you the information needed to run your business and make smart business decisions.

We will also explore various report writers included in QuickBooks (QuickBooks Statement Writer, QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting and ODBC.) that can be used to improve the report customization.  CPE: 2

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