Ilene Eisen Passed the QuickBooks Online Certification Exam

The QuickBooks Online exam tested information on:
QuickBooks Online – Small Business and
Quickbooks Online Accountant

This exam is used by Intuit to identify Intuit Pro-Advisors who have specific knowledge of Quickbooks Accountant Online and a solid understanding of accounting principles.

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QBOA – QuickBooks Online Accountant
2017 Dates: 07/17, 09/13, 10/04, 11/08
QuickBooks Online Accountant, is designed for Accountants to identify and correct errors in client’s QuickBooks Online company files. This software app enables access to clients’ files to record or correct transactions, and run reports. You can also schedule work, and securely request/receive information and documents from clients. Using Account Tools and features included in QuickBooks Online Accountant will save you time and increase efficiency when working with QuickBooks Online clients . CPE: 2 Hours Specialized Knowledge Register Now

QBOL –  QuickBooks Online A Cloud Accounting Solution to Meet Your Needs
2017 Dates: 3/15, 4/5, 5/31,8/30,11/29,12/20      2018 Dates: 2/28, 3/14, 4/4
QuickBooks Online is the fastest growing QuickBooks solution. QuickBooks Online is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that meets the needs of many small businesses. Additional features are available by subscribing to various apps that have been tested to work properly with QuickBooks Online. CPE: 2 Hours Specialized Knowledge Register Now