Software Licensing – Better Safe Than Sorry

I was recently talking with someone who needed help with his computer software and mentioned that his new computer consultant had installed software that he had not paid for, and really didn’t even need.  The computer consultant had the product codes and enough registration information from his employer that he was able to accomplish this illegal install.  The person I was talking to told me that the computer consultant worked for a large company and they really did not care if he did this ….REALLY…. Are you kidding me, I can’t believe you would repeat this comment in a court of law! 

I told this individual that the software should be uninstalled immediately and I would perform an uninstall if needed.  Instead I was informed that the computer consultant could do this on his next visit…REALLY…are you actually letting that fraudster back in your door??? 

This is a situation that I see more often than I would expect and I am always surprised who falls for this.  It’s folks who could easily afford the software and are ethical in other parts of their lives and businesses but somehow illegal software downloads are OK.  The fraudster, otherwise known as the computer consultant, is just one 16 digit number away from stealing your credit card number and just one 9 digit number away from your social security number. 

Keep in mind that when you let a computer consultant in the door you are probably giving them a password or two while they are assisting you with your computer and network issues.  You may even grant them remote access.  I have to admit that I have not met this individual  but I can tell you without a doubt they are only  one decision  away from committing a fraud with your information,  it may be a only a matter of time.

As a software reseller and consultant I work with a lot of clients and I sell software and perform installs for some clients.  Recently I’ve spent an increasing amount of time helping clients put their businesses back together after frauds.  These frauds were often committed by long time employees who were trusted and often socialized with the business owners.  Quite often I’m told the owner even attended weddings and other events of these fraudsters.  You never know what decisions a person might make, even after they have a history of making the right decision in the past.  It’s always a good idea to be careful and exercise common sense when dealing with a situation that just doesn’t seem quite right!