QuickBooks Online Accountant Saves Time and Helps Organize Workflow

Intuit has updated the QuickBooks Online for Accountants and this product can save your firm significant time.  After looking at the demo at QuickBooks Connect it appears that Intuit has gone beyond accounting functionality and is working to help Accountants and Bookkeepers with firm management.  I was quite impressed with two features in particular the Client Dashboard and the Document Request Function.

The Client Dashboard allows the user to enter all the clients (QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Other) in one dashboard.  If the client uses QuickBooks Online you have significant functionality, you can access their file from the dashboard, check their status, get alerts on payroll due dates, identify banking issues, etc.

The Document Request function allows you to request a document from any client that has e-mail.  The client can then upload the document requested AND QuickBooks Accountant renames the file to the title used in your request.  Then the documents are available from within the Client Dashboard.

I’m looking forward to hearing how Accountants and Bookkeepers use these features save significant time during the year.