Participate in a Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) to help fight against Cancer

Please take a moment to consider the following opportunity to help fight against Cancer.  If for any reason you are not able to participate, I would greatly appreciate you passing this information onto anyone you think may be interested. 

We have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in a nationwide cancer prevention research study that has the potential to protect future generations from getting Cancer.

This is the third long-term study that the American Cancer Society has done, Information from on previous Cancer Prevention studies is noted below:

In 1952, the Statistical Research Section, forerunner of the present Department of Epidemiology and Surveillance Research, began its first large prospective cohort study, the Hammond-Horn Study, to study the effect of cigarette smoking on death rates from cancer and other diseases. By using 22,000 American Cancer Society (ACS) volunteers to recruit a cohort of 188,000 adult men and then to trace cohort members yearly through 1955, that study set the methodologic foundation for the two subsequent Cancer Prevention Studies (CPS I and CPS II). In contrast to the Hammond-Horn Study, both CPS I and CPS II were designed to address a wide range of potential exposures, in addition to tobacco use, that may be associated with cancer. CPS I included approximately one million men and women recruited by 68,000 volunteers in 25 states. Participants were followed for 12 years, through 1972. CPS I data continue to be analyzed today, often in collaboration with external investigators, or to compare with results from CPS II, a separate and more contemporary cohort. CPS II began in 1982 and encompassed 1.2 million subjects recruited by 77,000 volunteers in 50 states. The entire CPS II cohort continues to be followed for mortality. Cancer incidence follow-up is being conducted in The CPS II Nutrition cohort, a subgroup of 184,000 men and women who completed a second questionnaire in 1992. A total of five follow-up questionnaires have been administered every two years to obtain updated exposure information and self-reported cancer diagnoses.

Who Can Enroll?

  • Men and women between the ages of 30 and 65
  • Never been diagnosed with cancer

For more information:

 Monterey County:Call  888-604-5888.or  

Outside of Monterey County :call 800.227.2345 or