Office 365 Improves Flexibility & Efficiency

I first started using Office 365 about 18 months ago when I was looking for a way to access my Outlook from various computers. As a sole proprietor I did not want to manage Outlook Exchange and my options were hosted Outlook or Office 365. I decided against hosted Outlook in order to keep my IT structure easy with as few vendors as possible. Office 365 allowed me to use Outlook and the other Office programs that I prefer to competitors products.

In the beginning I used Outlook and found a new freedom to access my Outlook 24/7. I soon noticed that I never had the files needed when I was on the road or working from home. To solve this issue, I moved all my files to SharePoint and synchronized my various devices so that I work from various locations on various devices. This has enabled me to be efficient, flexible, and had reduced a lot of stress at no additional cost.

Office 365 is offered in various plans with different features, if you are interested in this solution it’s important to understand the plan differences and know the limitations on changing from one plan to another.