ie Solutions works with your businesses to help provide you an end to end solutions with  QuickBooks software.

  • Evaluate your needs for new or updated QuickBooks software
    • Inventory Management
    • Light Manufacturing
    • Project & Job Costing
    • Retail – Point of Sale Software
    • Hosting or Online Access
    • Integration with Industry Software
  • Install  & Set-Up QuickBooks Software on your computer and server
  • Train staff on QuickBooks and/or bookkeeping processes
  • Create Reports to meet your needs
    • Internal – Board of Directors, Financial Advisors, Etc.
    • External – Grants, Loans, Government Agencies, etc.
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Check-up

ie Solutions does not prepare Tax Returns or issue Financial Statements

QuickBooks Enterprise Versions


QuickBooks Desktop Versions


QuickBooks Online Versions