Small Business Clients

ie Solutions works with many small businesses to help them with their QuickBooks accounting software.

ie Solutions does not prepare Tax Returns or issue Financial Statements.

  • Evaluate your needs for new or updated QuickBooks software
    • Inventory Management
    • Light Manufacturing
    • Project & Job Costing
    • Retail – Point of Sale Software
    • Hosting or Online Access
    • Integration with Industry Software
  • Install QuickBooks Software on your computer and server
  • Set-up or Upgrade a QuickBooks company file
  • Train staff on QuickBooks and/or bookkeeping processes
  • Create Reports to meet your needs
    • Grants, Loans, Government Agencies, etc.
    • Board of Directors, Financial Advisors, Etc.
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Check-up

Accountants in Public Practice

ie Solutions does not prepare Tax Returns or Issue Financial Statements therefore we are available to assist you and your clients any time of year including the busy season and there is no conflict of interest.

It is my policy to check with all potential clients to identify their CPA and verify that ie Solutions services do not conflict with your services.

Working with your Clients

  • Record Year End adjustments in Client’s QuickBooks files
  • Adjust beginning balances to agree with your Trial Balance
  • Escalate Technical Support calls with Intuit
  • Troubleshoot QuickBooks file errors
    • Importing Accountant’s Copy
    • Out of Balance
  • Services provided to Small Business clients

Working with your Firm

  • Provide in-firm Technical support
  • Consult on QuickBooks issues
  • Provide discounts on QuickBooks software, supplies, & services
  • Escalate Technical Support calls with Intuit


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