Ilene Eisen 2014The Expertise to Create Confidence in Your Books


Ilene Eisen of ie Solutions takes the time to get to know your business or organization, its challenges and current business processes before she considers automation options. With her strong business background, knowledge of best practices and internal controls, she validates whether you’re applying the optimal mix of manual and automated processes (or in-house and outsourced processes) and makes sure they are streamlined and effective before automating them. Typically, she:


  • Analyzes your needs
  • Reviews your current business processes and automation
  • Streamlines your business processes
  • Guides you to the automation that best fits your streamlined needs
  • Installs the software
  • Sets up the books, templates and other internal controls within the software to match your business and reporting requirements
  • Trains those who use the software and reports
  • Provides documentation that integrates “how to use the software” with vital business rules.

Ilene’s philosophy is that every business or organization must take ownership of their own books and records. Business owners and organization leaders must know how to keep books and records, and how to interpret statements and reports, so that when they delegate the details, they feel secure they can do so without overlooking errors or fraud.Ilene applies best practices for:

  • Internal Controls, setting you up to get the reports and information you need,build a successful business,and deter fraud.
  • Efficiency, reducing duplicate data entry by downloading or importing as much data as possible, and generating documents such as invoices, checks and reports with minimum additional effort.

Why choose ie Solutions?

Here’s how ie Solutions differs from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Value Added Reseller (VAR) or a QuickBooks Pro Advisor (ProAdvisor):


It has been my policy to request that have clients check with their CPA for software consulting before offering my services.  Many CPAs do not specialize in Accounting Software and would rather have the client work with me on software issues and spends more time on tax planning and wealth management issues.  I’m happy to work with the CPA’s and help provide them with the information they need.  Since I don’t prepare Taxes, I’m also available during the busy tax preparation season.

Software Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Although I resell software, I differentiate myself as a CPA.CITP which is a Certified Public Accountant who is also a Certified Information Technology Professional (an AICPA designation).  Many VARs do not have an accounting background and rely on the Client’s CPA to help in this area. I feel it’s essential to know the accounting and technology to design a workflow that is efficient and has strong internal controls.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor

A ProAdvisor is someone who pays a fee to Intuit and has not passed any exams unless they are a Certified ProAdvisor.  I am a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor and I have worked with Intuit to design the Pro Advisor Exam and I have taught the live Advanced Certification course Always check to make sure that any ProAdvisor you contact has the Advanced Certification and at least 5 years of current QuickBooks Certifications.  You should also check the Intuit Website to make sure they have favorable reviews.